Why Side Hustle Rocks!

why it’s matter creating side hustle.

Most of the good quality projects started as a Side hustle. because side hustle starts where boring 9-to-5 finish. People do work on side hustle because, they are passioned about it. And secret reciepe for good quality product is which involves with passion.

i think i have right to proclaim my as professional side hustler. 6 years ago when i was first went to china for study. Life happened and our family business get bankruptcy. So i had to work & study in the same time. Which lead me do bunch of side hustles. I did bunch of different jobs to survive the day. (being waiters, English teacher, movie actor, begin model, swimming coach, flier guy, translator, outdoor event organizer, party organizer.. (most of them offline & local because i didn’t had any online skill which i can sell]) basically what kept me alive was my side hustle.

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Necmettin Karakaya

Necmettin Karakaya

Full Stack Developer